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Supportive Living

You First is now offering supportive living for individuals with mental health challenges. It’s a type of housing that provides support and assistance to individuals living with mental illness. The goal of supportive living is to help these individuals live as independently as possible while also receiving the necessary care and support to manage their mental health condition.

Supportive Living Highlights


Affordable Housing

Supportive living is often subsidized housing, meaning that it is affordable for individuals with limited financial resources. This allows individuals to access the support they need without having to worry about the high cost of housing.


Safe and stable environment

You First's supportive housing program provides a safe and stable environment for individuals to live in. This includes features such as secure entryways, on-site security cameras, and 24-hour staff support.


Individualized Care


Each resident of this supportive living program will have an individualized care plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. Care plans are designed to help individuals manage their mental health condition, develop life skills, and work towards their long-term goals.


Focus on Recovery

Our goal is to help individuals work towards a more stable and fulfilling life. Including helping individuals set goals, develop coping skills, participate in therapy sessions, PRP/case management, medication management, and other community-based programs. 

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